Are you suffering from Back pain?

Here at Kew Chiropractic Centre, our back pain clinic treats people from all over Melbourne. Conveniently located near Richmond, we regularly witness terrific results where people with back pain have had trouble in the past.

Who visits our Back pain clinic in Richmond?

We have many Richmond residents visiting our back pain clinic with a huge variety of causes. From herniated discs to sciatic type symptoms, from facet joint syndrome to spinal stenosis, from simple muscular strains to more complicated postural issues. With all these and more, we take great care in identifying the cause of the back pain, educating our patients and helping them to improve their back health.

How do we help?

At our Back pain clinic in Richmond patients are ensured of going through a thorough medical history, this helps us to truly understand what our patients have been through and what has been done in the past to help them.

After the medical history is taken, our Chiropractor will take the patient through a physical assessment. This will include analyzing posture, movement, muscle strength and tension, possible neurological factors, sleeping patterns and occupational stressors. By being as thorough as possible we have trust that our staff can help to get our Richmond locals backs back on track.

Once the medical history and physical assessment has been completed our chiropractor will explain what the assessment has revealed and give the patient options to choose from for care.

To help our patient’s with back pain the clinic will ensure a passive and active treatment is involved when clinically indicated.

What are some of the passive treatment options at our Back pain clinic in Richmond?

Passive treatments for back pain are defined by something done to the patient rather than by the patient. At our back pain clinic there are several passive treatment options to suit a wide range of our local and Richmond based patients.

1. Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. These are great options to use when addressing back pain due to tight muscles to help those muscles to relax.

2. Manipulation and Joint mobilization. Spinal manipulation therapy has been shown to be effective in reducing pain and improving spinal joint range of motion. This is extremely useful when a patient has an abnormal movement pattern due to restricted joint movements.

3. Blocks or biomechanical wedges. We use biomechanical wedges to help the pelvis and the back rest into a more relaxed position. Patients are usually left on the blocks for several minutes.

4. Sports tape/rigid tape/ kinesio tape. Sometimes when a muscle joint or posture is deemed to need some extra support, our Chiropractor will administer an appropriate technique to support the movement and body structures of our patients.

Active care advise is also given at our Back pain clinic in Richmond to help the strengthen the backs of our patients as it is well known that exercise therapy in addition to passive care is and excellent way to improve outcomes.


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