Sports Injury Clinic Kew

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What is Sports Chiropractic? The focus of Sports Chiropractic is to help people from a wide range of sports, professions and activities to get the best out of themselves. Sports Chiropractors assist people in healing from injuries by keeping their nervous system and muscular system performing at their optimum. Sports Chiropractic treatment can include one […]

Neck Pain Treatment

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Neck pain treatment by Kew Chiropractic Centre. Exercises and advice to reduce upper back tension and associated neck pain symptoms and to maintain good spinal health. The trapezius muscle travels from the base of your skull, along your neck and into your upper back. It is common to feel Neck pain in your trapezius muscle. […]

Hawthorn Chiropractor

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Here at Kew Chiropractic Centre we have clients from many surrounding suburbs including those who have looked for a chiropractor in Hawthorn, Balwyn, Deepdene, Balwyn North and Richmond. Some of the questions asked of our Chiropractor are commonly repeated, so below we have answered these more frequently asked questions.   What is chiropractic?   Chiropractic […]

Technology, Neck Pain and Chiropractic

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Neck pain is the second most common complaint presenting at chiropractors offices. Here at Kew Chiropractic Centre, we have seen an upturn in neck pain complaints in the last few years. One reason for this is our greater use of technology. A recent study published in ‘The Spine Journal’ showed that almost 80% of the […]

Lower Back Muscle Strain

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Here at Kew Chiropractic Centre we see many reasons for back pain or low back pain in our clinic. One of the most common injures that results in back pain is a strain to a muscle in the lower back. Below we provide you with some information on what muscle strains are, what to do […]

achieving and maintaining a healthy back

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3 Exercises our Chiropractor for Hawthorn recommends for achieving and maintaining a healthy back Cat – Cow Yoga Poses.   Cat – Cow poses are terrific options when trying to regain or maintain spinal movement. A lot of people find that as they wake, or at the end of a busy day, their spine/back feels […]

6 Tips from your Chiropractor to Improve Sleep

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Improve sleep by having a regular bedtime routine. This can help to make falling asleep at the right time a habit. (Brushing your teeth, switching off all the lights and then laying down in bed is one example.) By having a regular bedtime routine you can improve sleep quality, improve sleep consistency and improve how […]

Dry Needling, It is a Sharp Idea

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What is Dry Needling used for? Myofascial dry needling (also known as Dry Needling) is a technique that our Myotherapist uses. Dry Needling can be utilized to help alleviate pain, increase the range of motion of a muscle, and assist in improving the overall health of a muscle.  Myotherapists place the needles into specific points […]

Lower Back Pain – How a Chiropractor can help

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Lower back pain, what is it? Within the spine, we have many structures that signal pain and therefore can be the cause of your low back pain. The most common type of injuries to the back are muscle strains and joint sprains. Sometimes these injuries are referred to as ‘simple back pain’ or ‘non-specific back pain” […]

Are your headaches a pain in the neck?

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How long do you spend on your mobile phone?  Your tablet? On a laptop/computer? Sitting at a desk?  Or simply driving? Today’s modern living can cause stress on our necks often resulting in annoying neck pain and in turn headaches. As a result of our relatively inactive lifestyles, it’s not surprising that neck pain with or […]