• Improve sleep by having a regular bedtime routine.

This can help to make falling asleep at the right time a habit. (Brushing your teeth, switching off all the lights and then laying down in bed is one example.) By having a regular bedtime routine you can improve sleep quality, improve sleep consistency and improve how easily you fall asleep.

  • Restrict the activities you do in your bedroom to sleep and intimate times.

If you watch television, read or eat in your bedroom then your brain and body associate the bedroom with these other activities. This can be one reason why you have trouble falling asleep, your body is ready to do one of these other activities. Try doing these activities in other parts of the house. Then, when you are ready to go to sleep, return to the bedroom.

  • Catch the wave of sleep.

Our body goes through cycles for when it is ready to get into a deep sleep and out of it. Try going to bed when you are feeling sleepy, not just tired or bored. If you are having trouble falling asleep then get up and do something that is not too engaging for a little while. This way you can catch the next wave of sleep.

  • Have a regular waking time.

Having a regular waking time can help the body regulate with the day almost as much as having a regular bedtime. This can help to prevent waking up with the feeling of grogginess.

  • Improve sleep by keeping a Pen and Paper by the bed.

We want to restrict the amount of non-sleeping activities in the bedroom. If there are thoughts going through your mind, try writing them down. Avoid working through problems while you are in your bed. You can come back to these points the next morning when your mind is fresher to deal with them. This will help to achieve better quality sleep.

  • Avoid screen time before bedtime.

The blue/white backing light of most devices confuse our body into thinking it is not nighttime. Where possible avoid screen time before bed. If you must use your phone or computer before bed then try to use a nighttime setting to dull the screen. For a free download for computer screens, you can try the following link https://justgetflux.com/ to help dull the screen brightness at nighttime.

If you would like more information to help you achieve better sleep, then speak to your chiropractor. We are happy to discuss pillows, beds, sleeping postures, sleeping habits, screen time and more to help you achieve a night of restful sleep. You can see our other blog posts by clicking here.