3 Exercises our Chiropractor for Hawthorn recommends for achieving and maintaining a healthy back

Cat – Cow Yoga Poses.


Cat – Cow poses are terrific options when trying to regain or maintain spinal movement. A lot of people find that as they wake, or at the end of a busy day, their spine/back feels quite rigid and sore. This is because our muscles and joints like movement and have been in a still/rigid position for a prolonged period of time. Our Chiropractor for Hawthorn demonstrates below how to perform the Cat Cow exercise.

a) For this back exercise start in a 4 point position on your hands and knees.
b) Slowly arch your back towards the sky; trying to visualize each spinal bone moving while you reach your full stretch, looking down will help accentuate the stretch. Hold for 5-10 deep breaths.
c) Slowly return back to neutral and then continue to let your back dip lower until you reach full stretch, looking up will help to accentuate the stretch. Hold for 5-10 breaths.

2 Passive Thoracic Extension.

While most of the exercises our Chiropractor for Hawthorn will recommend will have some active components, here is one excellent exception to that rule. By now we are sure you have heard the terms “text neck” and/ or “tech neck”. These terms are how we often refer to people who spend too much time looking down at their phone, tablet, laptop or other devices. We spend so much time looking down and as a result many of us are developing pain between the shoulders and in our necks. One fantastic way to reduce the strain we are putting on our body (other than simply restricting our time spent on devices) is to make sure we incorporate some regular thoracic extension into our day.

a) For this back exercise simply roll a towel up into a cylinder.
b) Lay on your back with your spine and head on the towel.
c) Have your hands by your side facing the roof and your knees bent with your feet on the floor.
d) Lay there for 5-10 minutes, concentrating on taking long, deep breaths.
e) To get up, roll onto your side and use your top hand to push yourself up. Do not perform a sit up; as we do not want you to overwork the muscles you have just been relaxing.

3 Supine Thoraco-Lumbar Rotation.


Bend and stretch! Bend and stretch! Bend and stretch! How many times have we all heard these instructions shouted out at the gym, by aerobics instructors or our personal trainers? If you are anything like us then we are sure the answer is lots! While making sure our ability to bend (into flexion and extension) and stretch is important, our Chiropractor for Hawthorn impresses that we must not neglect rotational components. Reaching for a seatbelt, doing a head check in the car, golf swings and dancing all require freedom in rotation. Demonstrated below by our Chiropractor for Hawthorn is an easy to do at home exercise designed to help improve your rotation.

a) Start on you back, arms out to your sides palms down to the floor.
b) Bring you knees up by bending your hips and knees to approximately 90 degrees each
c) While keeping your hands and shoulders pressed down on the ground, gently rotate both knees to one side (do not worry if you can not reach the ground)
d) Hold for 3-5 breaths then slowly rotate to the other side and repeat.

Now, it is important to understand that while these 3 exercises are great for most people, there are circumstances in which we would avoid each one. If you are concerned about your back or your ability to perform these exercises then we recommend making an appointment with our Chiropractor for Hawthorn.