How long do you spend on your mobile phone?  Your tablet? On a laptop/computer? Sitting at a desk?  Or simply driving? Today’s modern living can cause stress on our necks often resulting in annoying neck pain and in turn headaches. As a result of our relatively inactive lifestyles, it’s not surprising that neck pain with or without headaches, is the second most common condition, after lower back pain, that Chiropractors treat.


Neck pain is usually brought on by changes to the soft tissues in the neck (muscles, ligaments and nerves) and of the spine due to normal ageing and wear and tear.  Chiropractors can identify and treat these various abnormalities to restore proper motion as well as and reduce tension, thereby helping to prevent wear and tear, as well as restoring proper neck function, this, in turn, reduces the frequency and intensity of neck pain and headaches.


Typically, in our clinic, we see symptoms of headaches stemming from neck pain, which include; muscle strains, joint sprains, whiplash, post-concussion, postural strain and occupational strain.  Regardless of the cause of your neck pain or headaches, we will perform a thorough chiropractic examination to help identify the best chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitation treatment for you.


Neck pain, headaches and pain, in general, is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong and needs to be addressed.  If you have suffered from ongoing neck pain for a while then it’s likely there may be some degenerative changes of the spine that can lead to a feeling of stiffness and reduced spinal mobility.  Just like any other part of the body, the better care that is taken of the spine, the less degeneration is likely to occur.  This is why we encourage you to seek treatment for any pains early rather than wait until your condition worsens.


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