Here at Kew Chiropractic Centre we see many reasons for back pain or low back pain in our clinic. One of the most common injures that results in back pain is a strain to a muscle in the lower back. Below we provide you with some information on what muscle strains are, what to do if you think you have a muscle strain and how we treat a muscle strain in our back pain clinic.

Lower Back Muscle Strain

Strains are caused by muscles over-stretching, being overused or overloaded. The result of these types of stress on the muscle is a partial or complete tear of the muscle and/or tendon fibres.

Signs and symptoms of a muscle strain:

Swelling, possible discolouration and bruising and/or pain on movement.

What do you have to do now?

  1. While in pain, it is our role to help reduce this pain and assist soft tissue healing. We do this through massage, joint manipulation and exercise.
  2. For the first 48 hours after injury it is important to employ the PRICE principles.
  3. Protect the muscle or joint from further injury – This may involve taping or bracing the muscle to help reduce the load.
  4. Relative Rest – This does not mean stop everything and climb into bed! Relative rest means to reduce the activities that cause pain in the affected muscle. We actually encourage you to continue using your injured muscle but trying to keep the use to within a comfortable pain threshold.
  5. Ice 20 minutes on once every 2 hours – This is a great way to reduce inflammation.
  6. Compression of the injured site – By using a bandage or compression wear you can again reduce the amount of swelling and, as a result, speed up recovery times
  7. Elevation – When it is possible to do so, raise the injured muscle above your heart. This helps with fluid dynamics to help reduce swelling.

What should you expect going forward?

As pain improves, Chiropractors from our back pain clinic will be prescribing appropriate strengthening exercises. This is done with the goal of restoring your normal muscular function.
While the new tissues are healing, it is important to understand that these new muscle and tendon fibers need to increase their endurance and strength. There may well be times that you still feel some back pain after the muscle strain has improved, however, this is likely due to the muscles fatiguing quickly rather than becoming reinjured.

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