Lower back pain, what is it?

Within the spine, we have many structures that signal pain and therefore can be the cause of your low back pain. The most common type of injuries to the back are muscle strains and joint sprains. Sometimes these injuries are referred to as ‘simple back pain’ or ‘non-specific back pain” but there is rarely anything simple about it.

Why is Low back pain so common?

Low back pain is the number one condition that chiropractors treat. In general, in western society, we spend too many hours sitting and not enough hours exercising. We know we need to brush our teeth and visit a dentist to look after our oral health, yet, most people don’t think about their back until it starts to hurt. Here at Kew Chiropractic Centre, we are changing that line of thinking by being proactive rather than reactive about your health.

The spine is a strong and robust structure. It does however, need to be looked after to ensure that it is not going to give you pain and discomfort. Exercise, stretching, good nutrition, enough rest, plenty of water and periodical check ups are all vital to maintaining good health.

The spine is made up of a long chain of bones and joints, which are protected, by ligaments and muscles. Occasionally some of the links stiffen up due to injuries, stress or anatomical changes. When this happens it makes other links move more to compensate. This can eventually lead to the overuse of the flexible joints causing pain in muscles and joints.

What Causes these Low Back Pain injuries?

Recurrent micro traumas are what cause most injuries to the low back. This means many small repetitive injuries slowly add up, until the ‘last straw that broke the camel’s back’. Ask yourself, why do people often hurt themselves doing very trivial things such as bending to pick up a pen? If your back is healthy it should never come to this. The event that set off your low back pain does not have to involve heavy lifting. Often, it is more often the result of awkward movements. Maybe even things that you have done a hundred times before.

Once the injury has occurred, and the nerve signals the low back pain, the surrounding muscles may go into spasm to help to protect the injured area. After a while, the muscle becomes more and more painful. Quite often the pain in the tight muscle become more severe and overtakes the symptoms. That is why it often feels muscular in nature but the cause of the problem is the injured joint, this is especially true if you have recurring problems.

So, How can a Chiropractor help?

The chiropractic approach to low back pain is aims to reduce stress to your muscles, improve motion at restricted sites and, once you have improved, help you to rehabilitate your back. By doing this chiropractors ensure that future occurrences of low back pain are less frequent and less severe.