There are many different kinds of headaches from Migraines to cluster to dehydration to cervicogenic (coming from the neck)

The main headache we deal with at Kew Chiropractic Centre is the Cervicogenic headache. This is considered a secondary headache, or a headache that is a result of dysfunction elsewhere rather than being the problem itself.

Cervicogenic headaches come from dysfunction in the neck, upper back or shoulders. Whether the origin of the pain may be coming from tight muscles, disc lesions, facet joints or postural strain, it is important to identify which structures are involved to correctly treat this type of headache.


When assessing headaches it is essential to try and map the pain, and, to see if certain activities, movements or trigger points reproduce or increase the pain. This helps us to better understand how to remove the stress that these structures are going through.

Typically we will take your head and neck through a range of motion, seeing whether it is easier for you to turn to left or to the right. Our chiropractor will also feel the neck, pressing lightly on the joints to better understand how these joints are moving.


Treatment of Cervicogenic headaches varies from person to person depending on their own symptoms and presentation to our chiropractic centre. Here at Kew Chiropractic Centre, we have a strong belief that a combination of different manual therapies as well as exercise prescription is best for achieving the outcomes you desire.

The first step is trying to reduce the stress on the involved structures. Our Kew Chiropractor may utilize massage, joint manipulation (clicking the spine), partner-assisted stretching and muscle taping among other techniques to help.

Once your neck pain and headaches have responded to manual therapy, our chiropractor may advise some ergonomic changes to your home or work set up. Furthermore, exercises will be prescribed to strengthen your body to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence.

What to do if you have a headache?

·      Try and remove the things that are stressing your body out.
·      Make sure you are well hydrated
·      If eye strain is involved, wearing sunglasses and reducing screen time can help.
·      Roll your shoulders and stretch your neck to reduce muscular tension.
·      If headaches still persist, then book in an appointment with us so we can do a full assessment and help you to resolve your headache problems


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