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Kew Chiropractic Centre has been caring for the families of Kew, Richmond and other surrounding suburbs since 1960.

Who can we treat?

Our clinic serves all Richmond residents ages 12 and over, everyone from students, athletes to seniors. Whether your goal is to age gracefully, be able to survive the workday, improve your sporting performance, or play with the kids, our Chiropractor for Richmond is ready to help.

What do we treat?

Chiropractic care has been able to help many of the working professionals in Richmond get through their day, week and busy periods.
Headaches, migraines, back pain, low back pain, other occupational stresses or even poor posture have all been reasons that our Chiropractors have been sought out in the past.

The pain is often the reason for the first visit but not the reason why the people of Richmond return. Chiropractors at our clinic pride ourselves on treating you for the reason you come in and work hard at identifying WHY your pain is occurring in the first place. We establish your sleeping and work patterns and may offer ergonomic and/or nutritional advice to help you recover better and faster as well as working towards achieving longer pain resolution.

What to expect from a new patient appointment?

To ensure the most appropriate Chiropractic treatment can be provided for our Richmond patients, our Chiropractor will review your medical history by asking you to fill in a questionnaire to help us better understand how we can help you achieve your health goals.

Your Richmond Chiropractor will then perform a number of tests and examination procedures to help establish the cause of your problem. Only after taking a medical history, performing their own examination and explaining to you the findings, their advice and the likely outcomes will your Richmond Chiropractor commence with appropriate, individualized treatment.

Do any of our Chiropractors have special areas of professional interest?

Sports Chiropractor Dr Jonathan Distiller has helped many Richmond athletes achieve their health goals. By providing care both in the clinic and on the field during competition Dr Distiller has a wealth of experience. Whether it is injury treatment/ prevention or working on strength and/or flexibility and/or co-ordination, Richmond sportspeople have been grateful to be able to work with our Sports Chiropractor.

Why should Richmond locals choose our Chiropractor?

  • Our chiropractor is friendly and as passionate about your health and your health goals as you are.
  • Local and convenient.
  • Individualized care.
  • Further education in Sports Chiropractic than most other Chiropractors in Richmond
  • Special interest in posture and occupational care.

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