Chiropractic and Sports injuries

Here at Kew Chiropractic Centre we treat Balwyn based athletes of all shapes, sizes, abilities and goals. Our Chiropractor Dr. Jonathan Distiller has undertaken extensive study after completing his Chiropractic degree to further his knowledge base and his abilities to treat athletes.

What do Sports Chiropractors do?

At our sports injury clinic our Chiropractor has the goal of keeping Balwyn residents active and at their best. We do this by treating sports injuries using a combination of specific Chiropractic manipulations, utilizing exercises and rehabilitation methods designed to help you strengthen, tape to stabilize a joint or support a muscle/movement and soft tissue therapies like massage, trigger point therapy and active release therapy.

Furthermore the Sports Chiropractor’s aim is to restore and enhance the body’s neuro – musculoskeletal system for peak performance on a preventative and rehabilitative basis.

What experience does our Sports injury clinic have?

Through both his role as a Chiropractor here at Kew Chiropractic Centre and as an active member of Sports Chiro Australia, Dr. Jonathan Distiller has been involved in many sports competitions and a member of sports teams medical staff as well. A list of some of the sports and some of their common sports injuries that Dr. Distiller has been involved in assessing and treating are as follows. (This is not a complete list of sports or a complete list of injuries within those sports).

Soccer/Australian Rules Football – Ankle sprains, Shoulder sprains/dislocations, Hamstring muscle strains, calf muscle strains, Muscle contusions.

Tennis – Shoulder muscle strains and tendon impingements, Shoulder range of motion troubles, wrist flexor and wrist extensor repetitive strain injuries, Hip adductor muscle strains

Dodgeball/Netball – Ankle sprains, Finger dislocations, Shoulder overuse injuries, neck muscle strains, Thumb hyperextension injuries.

World Surf lifesaving championships (Adelaide 2018) – Ankle sprains, Shoulder muscle strains, back pain, low back pain, and restricted shoulder flexibility.

Athletics – Calf strains, Hamstring strains, Hip flexor muscle strains, Sacro iliac joint (SIJ) compression, Plantar fasciitis.

Cricket – Ankle joint compression injuries, Muscle contusions, Hyperextended fingers, Back pain, Shoulder pain.

So, who can benefit from our Sports injury clinic?
All people of Balwyn looking to become active remain active or get active again! Anyone from the occasional jogger to the weekend warrior even to the elite athlete. Our Sports Chiropractor will ensure that your treatment program is tailored specifically to you and your athletic goals.

What causes Sports injuries?
There are many reasons why sports injuries might occur. Acute injuries, typically instantaneous, could be due to trauma, a sudden change of direction or an unexpected acceleration. Chronic injuries develop over time by loading the body in a way that the body cannot handle. Regardless of the type of injury there are often some common contributing reasons. If the body is not moving well (often due to joint or muscle stiffness) or moving too much (hypermobility within a joint or joint complex) then we tend to develop improper movement patterns that are less stable for our body to perform.

By addressing these movement imbalances before injury, Chiropractic treatment can help to reduce and potentially prevent many sports injuries from occurring. If you have a history of sports injuries then we highly recommend using a healthcare professional like a Chiropractor to help you get back to sport safely at our nearest clinic in Balwyn.


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